About Us

First – there really is an “us”. Three guys giving developing a restaurant a go. Two restaurant guys and a dad with a lot of faith in his son.

Barrett’s gets its name from the two Maryland born and bred John Barretts that are owners –
father and son. The third owner is Mike Sipes, a restaurant operator since 1976. Young John Barrett and Mike Sipes have worked together for over ten years. Both have worked for major chains as multi-unit managers as well as having developed new concepts working for other people.

One day, young John said to Mike, “Why don’t we do a restaurant of our own?” The idea
gnawed at both of the men until the timing was right. They both finally took what money they had scraped together over the years (with the full support of their lovely wives) and bought Greystone Grill in Hunt Valley.

With the restaurant still operating as Greystone, they set about to fix what was wrong and retain
what was right with the concept. Many people told them that the restaurant was OK but prices were too high – they lowered them. Many food items were worth salvaging but some just had to go. A great server staff was in place but they needed some coaching and a new vision.

You see, John and Mike both believe in two fundamental approaches to restaurants – high
quality, fresh ingredients prepared expertly and customer service that positively stands out from the competition. Both feel that many folks over-complicate the restaurant business. Their passion is for absolutely great food prepared and delivered expertly. When a guest leaves the restaurant, they should say, “That’s the best “X” I’ve ever had.” If they don’t, John and Mike aren't satisfied.

If you have not visited Barrett’s yet, you have missed Hunt Valley’s premier dining experience.
Give two guys who risked it all a chance and you’ll be happy you did!

Oh, what about Daddy John? He’s here to make sure young John and Mike don’t get delusions
of grandeur!